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You remember TV ads for fire prevention that had the actual Smokey the Bear in them.

You know who Zachery, and the Jelly Beaner were (not at all associated with each other).), because he always wanted them when he was a kid and never got any.Same child received a reproduction 'Schwinn banana seat bike with the U shaped handlebars' (grins to theaelizabet/9), and the reproduction Rock'em Sock'em Robots for the same reason.B-)I'd heard that you should feel old when the policemen look young. Probably because I was in charge of a lot of military guys who were also young but, typically, I wouldn't ask (OK, order) them to do anything that I (thought that I) couldn't do. The Senators just sucked till they left for Arlington (Texas, that is). I don't know when zip codes started, but we had "postal codes" in Chicago. Can't remember the whole phone number, but it started with PE6. That is another thing--we had corner stores within a couple of blocks in any direction. 5 cents for a can of coke and 5 cents for 2 cards at school..was 2 cents a carton, and your teacher punched the card every day at lunch.Strangely, now that the Police Commissioner looks young..... I remember when the Hershey bar got smaller--for the same price, grr. The kids at my school lunch room have barcodes today to keep track of their purchases!

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