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I also had a great pleasure of meeting Vaughn Hutchins - a respected carbon printer and a very nice fellow indeed.He contributed greatly to the historic print collection by donating a beautiful carbon print from an original 4x5in negative on 8x10 gelatin photo paper.

I think I can swing by HSU on my way back from the East Coast sometime in September or October, hopefully it won't be as cold then as it was last week...arrived to Arcata CA and parked Gilli securely in the back of a quiet alley for a couple of nights. It was the first stop on a vagabond hitchhiking trip I embarked upon back in 1997, which opened up my eyes to the fact that I really don't want to be a bio-chemist and made me switch my major in college to photography.It was also during that trip that I saw a glass-blowing bus and was infected with the idea of someday building a darkroom bus.Because of the use of pigment it is a highly archival process and due to it being a transfer process it presents the image reversed left to right unless a second transfer is performed.It seems that the quality of carbon prints that first attracted me is the same one that caught Vaughn's eye as well.

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