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They lined up the football players, many of whom were in their stocking feet because they were forbidden to wear cleats inside.

Snaking out the back door of the school, the students found the neighborhood flattened.

For questions about the Event email , your Indianapolis Pre-Dating Speed Dating Coordinator or to register by phone call .

Service Plus is a customer-service focused heating, cooling and plumbing company with a client base dating back to 2002.

A quick-thinking student put a helmet on Adam De Sutter, the coach’s 11-year-old son, who had come to watch his older brother, Kevin, 16, practice with the rest of the football team.

Cartwright instinctively fell on top of two of her charges and held them tight. ” she yelled, though she doubted that they could hear her over the roar of crashing debris.

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“I sensed that the room didn’t feel right.” she recalls.We pledge to always tell you up front what to expect and what your cost will be to complete your project correctly.We understand many people have had bad experiences working with contractors in the past, so our goal is to make sure each contact you have with your heating, cooling and plumbing specialists is a pleasant and helpful one. By making your satisfaction our guarantee: that’s our promise!!Outside, a light rain swelled to a downpour, then turned to hail as the girls waited for their opponents to arrive.Cartwright, 41, ordered her freshmen onto the court for warm-up drills. And as Cartwright started for the school foyer to see what was wrong, the sound of howling wind and pelting hailstones began to give her an eerie feeling.

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