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The specifics around each of these three requirements vary from company to company. Almost every one of the tens of companies providing Six Sigma training and consulting also provide certification. Because individuals and companies are spending a great deal of money, sometimes in excess of ,000 per individual, to become trained, and they feel like they should have something to show for it.Hence, certification became a popular add-on service for consulting companies because it allowed them to differentiate between skills levels, as well as charge additional fees.If you’re in need of Lean Six Sigma training and certification, Six can help you find the best provider based on your certification level, industry and location.Just fill out the form on the right-hand side of the page.After a quality professional has completed training, they must complete one or two quality projects and display competency in applying the concepts learned in the classroom training.This is where certification companies diverge – this part of the certification is the most fuzzy and undefined.The Expert Rating Six Sigma Black Belt course (leading to Six Sigma Black Belt Certification) is a well researched 350 page online course that has been developed for people who would like to master the science of Six Sigma.The course has been designed so that it is easily understood by beginners and people new to Six Sigma apart from seasoned project managers.

Expert Rating Online Six Sigma Black Belt Course leading to Six Sigma Black Belt Certification offers a unique opportunity to get yourself certified as a Six Sigma Black Belt professional from one of the leaders in online skill testing and certification.Six Sigma certification is a confirmation of an individual’s capabilities with respect to specific competencies.Just like any other quality certification, however, it does not indicate that an individual is capable of unlimited process improvement – just that they have completed the necessary requirements from the company granting the certification.Usually you or your company will purchase a training session, which has different bodies of knowledge and durations for each Six Sigma level (Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt, etc.).The written proficiency test may be given by the training company or the business hiring the training company.

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