Turnkey dating sites

The real key to making this strategy work is to price it accordingly.

Instead of bidding out sites on a per-project basis with a focus on hourly rates, opt for a fixed rate or even bundle it into a monthly service.

A turnkey or a turnkey project (also spelled turn-key) is a type of project that is constructed so that it can be sold to any buyer as a completed product.

This is contrasted with build to order, where the constructor builds an item to the buyer's exact specifications, or when an incomplete product is sold with the assumption that the buyer would complete it.

audio editing) is put together by the supplier and sold as a bundle.It’s noble to create a custom solution for every single client that comes knocking on your door, but the truth is – not all of them a custom solution. While these templated sites won’t be the solution for every client you onboard, they will be for some – and that alone will start to make a big difference in your team’s workload.Many will just want something that looks professional, works, and sticks within their budget. These templated site designs allow you to quickly swap out the content to create a solution for your clients that . Even though turnkey sites are typically meant for lower-paying clients, they allow you to take on more work without cutting into development time, which means more money in the bank and an easy-to-scale solution.This often includes a computer with pre-installed software, various types of hardware, and accessories. A website with a ready-made solutions and some configurations is called a turnkey website.Turnkey products are synonymous to "off-the-shelf" solutions and not customized.

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